Corporate Social Responsability

Our Commitment to the Environment 


Eco-friendly Paper Production

Thomas Greg & Sons paper mill has been at the forefront of paper production as it  has been in environment protection. To protect the environment, we are devoted to the manufacturing of paper made from bamboo, and we have a wastewater-treatment plant that reduces water wastage by 90%.

Bamboo, unlike trees that take years to grow, emerges from the ground in "reeds," spreading like weeds at a very fast pace. The rods of some varieties of bamboo grow at a rate of 1 meter per day when they originate in a mature plant and some varieties can reach the total height in less than 3 months. Additionally, bamboo produces more oxygen than any other plant in the world. Thanks to our commitment to the environment, we are now certified by the FSC ( Forest Stewarship Council) and by ISO14001.



Responsible Printing Processes

In all our printing plants around the world, we pay particular attention to the origin of all raw materials we use and also the destination of all residuals generated by our production processes. We work with suppliers whose processes are environmentally sustainable and socially responsible, in order to provide our customers with durable and efficient documents that meet all the quality standards.